Southern Indiana Dance Marathon

Joining an SIDM committee is a way to get a little more involved within the Dance Marathon movement. Most committees meet once a week or biweekly leading up to the marathon and they have a wide range of responsibilities. With 12 different committees to choose from, there is a place for you no matter what you are interested in!


Recruitment committee members are dedicated to recruiting old and new participants to the SIDM movement. By developing new and creative ways to engage with prospective dancers, these committee members help recruit more than 400 participants each year!


This committee goes out and creates positive professional relationships with our local food businesses in order to gain food for the events we host throughout the year. If you are someone who loves food and wants to ensure we have plenty on the day of DM, then this committee is for you!


These committee members work together to implement unique ways to engage our Dance Marathon community through on campus branding and on our social media platforms. In this committee we are looking for individuals who love creating videos, pictures and graphics that help capture our passion for the kids!

Marathon Relations

The Marathon Relations committee members have the opportunity to work closely with our two high school marathons, Heritage Hills and Boonville High, in order to help facilitate their events and to mentor their student leaders within their Dance Marathon programs.

Community Relations

This committee is all about engaging with the different communities around us, focusing on our Alumni, USI, and Evansville community. These members put in the effort to make sure we are giving back to those around us who have given so much to help our organization thrive.

Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations committee work together in teams to go out and connect with local businesses in the Evansville community in hopes of gaining corporate sponsors for our main event in November. This committee is looking for anyone who is interested in developing stronger communication skills and relationships with businesses around us.


The Fundraising committee is the center for every fundraising effort within the SIDM movement. The help develop, coordinate and execute all fundraising events and challenges found in our organization all through the love of raising the money for the kids!

Dancer Relations

You’ll want to join the Dancer Relations committee if you are all about spreading the word on everything FTK! This committee comes together in order to develop proper and fun communication between all participants within the movement in order to effectively keep everyone up to date on events, fundraising efforts, and cause connection within DM.


These committee members recognize that one of the number one ways to spread awareness and support our organization is through our SIDM swag! If you are someone who loves creating merchandise designs, such as clothing, hats, fanny-packs, etc., then we encourage you to be a part of this committee.


Our Morale Leaders are a key part of the energy behind Dance Marathon; they maintain the high positive efforts throughout the SIDM year as we go nonstop raising money for the kids. If you are someone who is 100% FTK, looking for a way to inspire others, or down to wear some funky clothes and do some crazy dance moves then see if you can join the Morale family today!


The Entertainment committee works hard throughout the year to design and create all entertainment aspects for every event hosted by our organization. If you are someone who loves artwork, being creative, or implementing new games and activities, then this committee is where you want to be!

Riley Relations

One of the most important part of our Dance Marathon movement are our Riley Families themselves. The Riley Relations committee is all about catering to the needs and giving back to our families and the kiddos who have or are currently benefiting from Riley Hospital for Children. Sign up to join this committee if you would like the opportunity to be closer to the very reason we continue to fight and raise money every day: for the kids!