Southern Indiana Dance Marathon

Get Started

Once you have 'registered' for SIDM 2019 you can begin your fundraising efforts!

1) Log in to your account at the link previously listed and head to your Participant Center, located in the upper right hand corner.

2) Once in the Participant Center, click the tab ‘Personal Page’. On the Personal Page you have the option to personalize your fundraising page’s URL. By personalizing your URL, it will make the process easier to share your page with your family and friends or on social media!

3) Copy and Paste your URL. Begin making those fundraising asks!

Tips & Tricks

Here are some amazing tips and tricks that our participants have found to be very successful in their fundraising efforts!

  • Download the Riley DM app! Utilizing this app makes the first steps of fundraising as easy as clicking a button. In an instant you a can make your fundraising asks via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email or Instant Messages all the while keeping track of how far away you are from your goal!

  • Share your link with your ‘Why’ you DM. Do you know someone who has personally been affected by Riley Hospital? Are you wanting to one day go into the pediatrics? Maybe you just want to make a positive impact in the community around you. By sharing your ‘Why’, you create a cause connection to your fundraising efforts. Don’t be afraid to show your passion for the movement!

  • Make a comprehensive list of possible donors: Family, Friends, Peers, Co-Workers, Neighbors, Faculty and Staff. There is no limit and everyone’s network is different and unique! You never know who may donate to your page

  • For more fun and easy ways to fundraise, check out some more ways to reach your goal here: CLICK HERE